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Where there are people, there is a need for clear communication.
We connect seamlessly and provide a beautiful digital immersive employee experience to the people.
Core Workplace caters to all those companies who want to engage with their employees in a new normal.

FMCG Companies

Whether you want to inspire your sales team and employees or build a community with your customers and shoppers, Core is the place to discover real connections.

Facilities Management

The front line workers and employees need to be engaged and connected to inspire and motivate them.
Core helps people to remain connected.


The paramedics are working 24/7 in these challenging times.
Core provides them with updates, news feed and info that matters and make life better.


Build your customer loyalty with a dedicated portal. Interact, engage and reward your customers by being part of your organisation.


Build your own community and engage with them. Share recipes, offers and exclusive deals in your loyal social community.

Education Institutions

Teachers, students and parents bond is crucial for the development of the children.
Core empowers users to interact, run tutorials, lesson plans, and connect with all stakeholders.


Core brings people and
Community together.

Stephen Thomas

Former Managing Director, Inspire Integrated.

As a leader, nothing motivates me more than an inspired employee. I am glad of investing in technology to connect with people.

Abid Khan

IT Head, Bokita Beverages

I never thought that in just 04 weeks, we would be able to run a complete suite of the digital workplace with one drive integration and all the tools.

Gelyn Datu

Former Culture lead, Inspire Integrated.

We ran campaigns on Utopia (Core) to ensure inclusiveness, and I am glad that everyone felt involved and it was the most successful campaign in terms of engagement and interactions.

Aadarsh Krishnarajan

Regional SHEQ Manager, CBRE

We wanted to drive wellness & safety awareness across the organisation, and there was no better tool than Utopia (Core) to connect with everyone and drive active participation.

Mohammad Jan

Sales & Marketing Director, Sahara Foods

We were looking for a solution that gives us an opportunity to engage and interact with our community, Core made it so easy and a rewarding experience for our loyal customers.

Tayyiba Nazir

Human Resource Partner, Marshall Aerospace

The employee engagement improved to 92% in two years at my previous workplace, and Utopia (Core) was one crucial tool that helped us gain employee trust.

Micheal Heart

Comms Director, Ocean Mall

Core helped us immensely to boost community engagement and communication. Best decision.

Peter Fancy

Regional Director, SSE Enterprise

When we launched our digital workplace at my previous organisation, little did we know how much we were missing. The ease of use and engagement from our colleagues was significant.

Ram Ganesh

Ex Bid Manager, Inspire Integrated

Utopia (Core), our digital workplace was able to recognise people living the values instantly and uplift the motivation and morale.

Mishra Jeet

Chief Executive, Life Health

Pandemic didn't help in connecting with our teams in a similar manner. I am glad Core provided the opportunity to remain connected and engaged.



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